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1. Photoshop and illustrator editing service

Material Design

Material design
It is a simplistic type of design made by Google that uses shadows to portray depth in an image. You can read more on it here or place your order now!

Realistic Shadows
Using Photoshop, I can create realistc shadows to any text or picture upon request. Simply provide me with the images / instructions and I'll do the rest.

I utilize the Adobe Photoshop and illustrator applications to edit photos/pictures or to create text designs. These two programs have been used by me for quite some time already and I consider myself proficient in both applications.

Time needed for completion: Within 1 day
$2 per material design

Time needed for completion:
Text: 1-2 hours
Image: Depends on image, up to a day
$2 for text designs
$4 for image designs